CMS Trends

Credit--Brightspot blog

by Angelica Flores in the Content Management Systems studio.

  1. Cloud Platforms are now becoming more of a staple within mass companies to regulate and store their data. According to Zaneta Styblova, it much easier now to for people to use cloud storage. Read more on the Content.ai blog.
  2. AI integration with CMS is rising in popularity due to the workflow of specific companies. Some companies may not have the amount of staff to work fast enough compared to an AI that could optimise and sort its specified content from its company for their audience/users.  Source
  3. Voice Search is also now an integration that is rising in line with the AI. Many elderly visitors in the general audience of companies tend to use voice search instead of manual typing. Voice search is incredibly useful in assisting persons. Source
  4. Mobile SearchBeyond all platforms such as PC, a most commonly used platform for general usage in society nowadays is the mobile phone due to remote access anywhere provided there is a connection to a network. The use of mobile phones to interact in company websites such as contacting the company is at a large percentage for most of the general audience.  Source
  5. Personalisation prioritisation is lastly, another example of a trend that is now widely implemented in most websites be it eCommerce or not. It allows the visitor to feel relatively inside the website to enjoy the browsing experience making them want to possibly come back as it should be enjoyable to fiddle around the site. It also allows the visitor to peak their interests with that they enjoy most with the options they could have.  Source


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[Angelica Flores found these trends during a Content Management Session class on the Clonmel Digital Campus. Top image is from the Brightspot blog. The Flickr image is from Yusef Patel.]