something to keep from covid
After Covid G.J.

My Remote Space G.J

The ‘Remote Space’ to me is the same place in where I grew up and matured throughout my whole life, which is my bedroom – where I get to spend most of my life time sleeping, working or even meeting new friends through online sites, games and art related forums like ‘DeviantArt’.  

The things that make me more productive and efficient are the reasons to what makes my ‘Remote Space’ enjoyable. For example- the processes of things such as keeping my room tidy and clean or where all general chores are done before settling in for a hefty time of creating or learning something new. I tend to keep things simple, neat and tidy so the less distractions the better and more efficient my time becomes, ‘I really try to keep my personal workspace as tidy as possible. I really believe there’s a place for everything and everything in its place, as the cliché goes.’ (Vinh, 2010). I love the way I can freely enter my creative space and no one around the house can disturb me. The fresh smell of duvets and the office-like smell of fresh and clean furniture makes me feel creative and determined to achieve my set out goals. 

In the end my setup is simple and minimalistic as it eventually does the job that I set out to do daily. (A photo of my current ‘workstation’ setup down below.)  


Remote Space