Learning through Design on Youtube
Lernen durch Design

Apprendre Grace Au Design

Raphaelle loisel

As a French Erasmus student, I am learning through design on the Clonmel Digital campus. Compared to my experience in France, I can say that the way you learn in Ireland is totally different. I used to learn through theories but I learnt in Ireland through the design by doing it in the practical classes or by seeing others do it. I am a visual person and it might be the reason why my comprehension is better now in the design field.

I am learning more things through the design in the digital campus because I practice and I can view student projects in every space of the campus. Seeing all the oeuvres and projects help me to learn easier and better.

I also enjoy learning through the visual art shared by students using the #clonmeldigital hashtag on Instagram.

@catkingna shows her first test of a painted background on Instagram.


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