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October 2019

StoryToys on Campus for Design Clonmel #clonmeldigital


Fiona Curran, Art Team Manager from StoryToys, visits the Clonmel Digital Campus in the middle of Design Clonmel. She will provide insights to the award-winning apps created by Storytoys for its audience of more than 12 million young people. Storytoys works with renowned entertainment properties such as Eric Carle, DC Comics, Disney and Sesame Workshop.

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Say Hello to ClonmelDigital

Workshop Sign

As we ramp up this special website, we are sitting next to a large sign posted just outside the Clonmel Digital Campus. It's all part of Design Clonmel, an initiative designed to bring together creative students, professional creatives, and community members who are interested in co-creation.

If you're interested in this special activity, please consider subscribing to our podcast and talk to us @clonmeldigital on Instagram and on Twitter.

Co-creating and Starting Audio Second

Spreaker Clonmel Digital

We have a body of audio work scattered in various places so we know it should be rather straightforward to process those audio snippets and produce a syndicated show that connects current students to past graduates and future employers. In the first instance, we will simply port content from the Spreaker Distribution System. Then as students in a content management system module come on board, we will cross-feed the audio into media containers that will provide a customised environment for listeners to feed back text comments to the audio production team.

The baby steps start with inserting Javascript into the blog so we can see and hear the audio segments.

Listen to "Clonmel Digital" on Spreaker.

Co-creation Starting Offline First

Before Domain Mapping

Every movement starts with an idea and if you're seeing this blog post, it means you've discovered the first instance of ClonmelDigital on its own internet URL. This post marks the first time a group of creative media students have collaborated to gather together some of their best work and then to offer it in a public space where potential employers and potential collaborators can find it.

In early October 2019 when we wrote this post, all we have are scattered assets in USB drives and several terabytes of excellent work stored in OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Give us six months after we spin up this simple project on Blacknight and we'll have a Progressive Web App for Clonmel Digital.

For details contact Aidan Murphy, Bernie Goldbach, and Emma Lucey.